Chris Fabry Live! Radio Interview of “This is What Happened When I Failed Miserably on Stage in Front of 100’s of People”

After sharing a story about the biggest fail of my musical career on the I Quit Fear blog (which you can read here), Best selling author and radio host Chris Fabry asked me to come on his program and tell my story. What resulted is a great conversation about working through fears in our lives.

Chris has been a long-time friend and it was fun to reconnect with him after many years…even if it just so happens that thousands of people were listening in to our conversation. Enjoy! Click the player to listen.

Chris Fabry Live Hour 2 – Wed., January 07, 2015


Thank you to Chris Fabry for featuring I Quit Fear on your program! Learn more about the Chris Fabry Live! radio show by visiting their website at

About Dawna Stafford

Dawna Stafford is a public speaker, athlete and COPE Certified Health Coach. She started the I Quit Fear movement to challenge and inspire people to learn to work with their fears, to push into and through them in order to live a complete life and live out their passions.

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