Lynn Snodgrass
I usually say, “home run” when I feel good about an event. But since that is baseball and Dawna is more of a “set goals” type of gal, I thought I would use one of my favorite sayings…. “finish strong”. And she did. She started strong too. The women loved her and her message. Dawna nailed so many great points, giving the women just enough to get started down a path of recognizing hesitation as fears then challenged them to move, even push, ahead and realize their life’s purpose and passion. Dawna is a gifted communicator, bringing creative stories in a conversational style that will be perfect for your group or venue. The message of I Quit Fear is not just relevant for our world but also speaks straight to the heart of the individual. Dawna was able to motivate and inspire our group and leave them hungry for more of the “I quit fear” message and they were personally challenged no matter what their age. Her thoughtful presentation made it clear she spent time in preparation making sure her message was customized to our program and format. On behalf of the many who attended our women's event, thank you Dawna, for opening up the powerful conversation about fear.
Gregory D. Marks
As the founder of Right Now Today I was honored to have Dawna Stafford as one of our 2016 Humanitarian Award Winners. She has been a great inspiration to our team and has shown her true love for humanity through her actions in the community by helping people conquer their fears and reach their goals. She inspired the attendees with her talk which further expanded the influence of the I Quit Fear project. I remember when she spoke of a woman who had the fear of driving, especially in congested freeway or city traffic. Dawna took the time to help this woman by literally riding along with her as they talked together about the root of that fear, how it was crippling her in her life and how she could actually learn to move with and through her fear to gain freedom and independence. Dawna Stafford is a true inspiration to me personally and others around her.

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