She Spent Her Life Too Embarrassed To Try This One Thing

@fitguitargirlI have an Instagram identity of @fitguitargirl.

My core value has been to motivate and inspire others to get healthy and develop healthier habits. I also hope that in the process I’m somewhat interesting, likable and entertaining. After all, if I’m not, who’s going to pay attention. šŸ™‚ I LOVE that I have had this place of community where I can share my passionĀ for fitness, music and a healthy mindset.

Recently I received the MOST BEAUTIFUL message from a woman who’s journey I’ve been following. She’s beautiful, healthy and strong. Who ever would have guessed that fear and embarrassment wasĀ stopping her from trying something she always wanted to do?

Crystal writes this:

“Thank you FitGuitarGirl for inspiring me. I always wanted to play guitar, but was embarrassed to try. Your IG (Instagram) page really motivated me to try. All the BEST to you and THANK YOU very, very much for sharing your talent, your music, your grace!”

Ahhhh! Happy tears. On the days that I wake up wondering… why am I taking risks? Why am I pursuing my passions when it doesn’t always sustain me monetarily? What if I’m pushing and pressing and constantly unveiling a virtual echocardiogram when on some days it leaves me feeling so vulnerable and maybe it’s all for nothing? Then I receive THIS beautifully, crushing messageĀ and realize that every single step has been worth it!

Here she is, Crystal Gaynor (@thecrystalclearlife)…THANK YOU for inspiring me. THANK YOU for sharing your message. THANK YOU for taking a risk and living a life that inspires others.


Dawna Stafford

About Dawna Stafford

Dawna Stafford is a public speaker, athlete and COPE Certified Health Coach. She started the I Quit Fear movement to challenge and inspire people to learn to work with their fears, to push into and through them in order to live a complete life and live out their passions.

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