I Quit Fear Founder, Dawna Stafford, Receives Humanitarian Award

1485883_840526919385521_7225326448211310335_oRight Now Today (www.rightnowtoday.org) held it’s second annual Humanitarian Awards to recognize community leaders who are creating change in society. On March 12, 2016, Dawna Stafford, the founder of I Quit Fear, received the RNT Humanitarian Award for outstanding service in the community.

“Since being honored with this award, I have taken some time to process what it has really meant. It’s that combination of feeling venerated and humbled all at the same time. I am learning that I am in the company of some amazing people. My whole life I have craved being surrounded and known by those who fuel my soul. I realize now that being recognized by the Right Now Today organization alongside the greatness of these other women who are making change in the community, is all part of an amazing journey and feeds my passion.”

During the event Dawna was able to share her story and the mission of I Quit Fear to inspire others to live their lives through the lens of LOVE and not FEAR.

“I Quit Fear is a bold statement intended to be shared by all of us. It doesn’t mean that you quit fear all at once. It’s about the recognition of the life-long journey that’s involved with getting out of the comfortable rut of fear so that you can do what you were put here to do.”

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About Dawna Stafford

Dawna Stafford is a public speaker, athlete and COPE Certified Health Coach. She started the I Quit Fear movement to challenge and inspire people to learn to work with their fears, to push into and through them in order to live a complete life and live out their passions.

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