Contact: Dawna Stafford
Phone: 503-703-7448


I Quit Fear Founder, Dawna Stafford is available to speak at your next event.

“Being personally moved by the recognition of fear that had crept into my own life, I formed a mission to use the impact and force of my own fear to lean into it and move forward into what scared me the most.”

Topics include:

  • Fear isn’t all bad. It motivates us. We can recognize the power that it holds over us and use it’s momentum to move forward.
  • Fear of failure. We weren’t born with it. How did it develop and how can we move through it?
  • Bullying at school and in the workplace
  • Health, Weight Loss & Fitness. Quitting fear to make a physical transformation
  • Body image and mindset
  • How fear impacts your spiritual life and relationship with God


  • Workplace
  • Schools
  • Chamber events
  • Retreats


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